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Monday, 18 March 2013

Tyrrell's Semillon comparison

Earlier this year I took the opportunity to sample some of the latest offerings from several wineries in the Hunter Valley. One of the highlights was Tyrrell's cellar door where I sampled the following Semillon's side by side. I must mention that I appreciated the freedom that the team at the cellar door afforded me during my visit - I essentially pondered over these wines for a very long time.

Tyrrell's Brookdale Semillon (2012)
screwcap, 11%, $20 at the cellar door

Initial impressions were of a typical hunter semillon nose, but the cool 2012 vintage promptly showed its influence with more tropical characteristics dominating the bouquet. On the palate there was floral and citrus notes with tropical overtones - 89.

Tyrrell's Johno's Semillon (2012)
screwcap, 10.5%, available to wine club members

The bouquet of this basket pressed Semillon showed the tropical notes that were typical for this vintage but with some additional lanolin added into the mix. The palate was dominsated by lime with good length and impressive texture - 94.

Tyrrell's Vat 1 Semillon (2012)
screwcap, 10.5%, available to wine club members

Again the bouquet showed tropical notes that were typical for this vintage, but the intense citrus palate showed extroadinary power with impressive length - 95.

Tyrrell's Stevens Semillon (2008)
screwcap, 11.3%, $33 at the cellar door

A classic Hunter Semillon nose dominated by lime. The palate barely showed its age and consisted of pleasing lemon and lime notes with medium acid and good length - 92.

Tyrrell's Vat 1 Semillon (2006)
screwcap, 10.5%, $68

A delightful nose that combined classic Hunter Semillon characters with sherbetty, buttery and lanolin notes. The palate was broader than the Stevens Semillon with lemon, lime and impressive length - 93.5

If you're unable to visit the cellar door, wines can also be purchased over the internet: www.tyrrells.com.au

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