Henschke's Lenswood vineyard in the Adelaide Hills

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Wine has become a consuming passion. I adore good wine i.e. wine that I enjoy drinking. Whilst I am eager to learn more, I acknowledge that, at this time, I have no formal training or qualifications in this area. Similarly, I am not employed within or associated with any particular part of the wine industry. I prefer to keep this interest as 'a pleasure' rather than 'a job'.

As you will notice I always write a short description of a wine followed by a score out of 100. My capacity to accurately and eloquently describe a wine is a work in progress. At this time I tend to think that a score is a more reliable and semi objective assessment that also allows for comparison.

If you would like to have a chat, my email is: Hemmings_David@yahoo.com 

Wine samples can be sent to:

Australian Wine Journey, PO Box 214, Randwick NSW 2031

All samples will be promptly reviewed and posted on this blog.