Henschke's Lenswood vineyard in the Adelaide Hills

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Seppelt, Chalambar Shiraz (2004)

Grampians/Bendigo, Victoria
13%, screwcap, non organic, around $24

A bouquet of dried herbs and roasted tomatoes. The palate was gentle and smooth, but lacking primary fruit and even secondary characteristics. A seriously underwhelming experience and quite disappointing. I did try a sample of this wine earlier this year and I was quite impressed. A dud bottle perhaps? Who knows - 87.  


  1. Interesting to hear David. I fell in love with this wine at release about 4/5 years ago and put one aside. With Man Durphy's recent cellar release special I've read a couple of not so positive reviews, which side evenly with this one. I did have the wine at a (DM) tasting earlier in the year and likewise, I wasn't so impressed. Either way, I'll probably hold onto my bottle for up to another 10 years, and hope things work out eventually. (;/

    Perhaps Man Durphys got ahold of a rough batch for their cellar release? Was this one of those bottles?

    Chris P

  2. Yes it was! How did you know? I saw them going for $18 a bottle and couldn't walk past without grabbing a couple. Not quite the bargain I thought it was. You're theory could be right.

    I have a couple that I sourced a long time ago. Hopefully they are OK.